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16th-Apr-2014 08:56 am(no subject)
Tegoshi Skull
I didn't win the last one :( so yeah :))


19th-Jan-2014 10:51 am - Marshall Headphones giveaway
Tegoshi Skull
So... lately I've been into headphones. I'm looking at Audio Technica, AKG, Philips, Beats, and what not. But somehow this Marshall headphones giveaway appeared, and BOOM! I need to win this thing!!! *fiery mode*

3rd-Jul-2011 12:33 pm - Yamapi!
Shige: srx?!
 A lot of things happened since my last update...
NEWS still got no single T.T I want one now!! 

Last Friday we watched our Glee Club's concert. It's like a fundraising concert for them since they're going to Thailand for a competition. They were sooo great. In addition to that, they caused our schedules to shortened the whole week YAY!! So we did not really do anything productive last week XD Our classes end about 12 and I'm home about 1 and then I sleep. That cycle goes on and on until friday XDD If we got our hell week then we also have our heaven week :D 

During the concert I saw a Yamapi uchiwa in front of us! And I was like "Is that Yamapi?!" and I stared at it for sooo long and then concluded it is Yamapi hehehe I realized that it was my senpai whose name I don't really know haha I've seen that Uchiwa in her FB page long ago I guess that about 3 years ago and today it still has its plastic on. She's not really random fan but still it's a great experience to see her XD hahaha It's my first time to see an uchiwa hehe

I have two JE co-fangirls in our batch. One is an HSJ fangirl and the other is a general JE fan but I believe her ichiban is Arashi. We don't really talk much about JE so its such a pity. My last talk of her about JE is last year but we're classmates now so I guess we can talk about them all we want :D

Last last week, We filled out our UPCAT forms... I was soo scared of filling it up. It's a great problem to have a simple mistake there :) I thought about my course for half a year now. And it all ended up on ECE. It's a course I happened to like even though I don't know why. I chose Diliman - Elbi mainly because of ECE which is only available in Diliman and also because I really hope to see you guys in a fanmeeting. My other choices ar Com Sci, Aphi and Stat. I'm scared since all of these except Aphi are quota courses. I really hope I pass them. I can't imagine that next year I'll be a College student too. T.T 
We also had our CAT last Monday... My knees hurt like hell after. And I find it really hard to walk after it... Hahaha the officers still have no rights to give us demerits last week because it only the first formal meeting. The real one starts tomorrow. I'm scared of what will happen. But then again the officers are our batchmates. I hope I can cope with them :D
During my series of sleeps during the last week, I have had my first JE dream but it's not really a good dream. :( I guess we were in our class halls and a chibi Yamapi is doing pranks all over the place and I remember telling my friends this "Ang bait-bait kaya ni Yamapi dati" (Yamapi's so kind before)... haha And then I imagined Yamapi doing his concerts and the pics that really show his kindness... Then I realized how kind Yamapi really is... hehe
No picspams for today T.T I'm using my phone...

29th-May-2011 12:17 am - A Once in a While UPDATE!!
Tegoshi Skull
 Hi there everyone!!
It's been a long time since I've updated soo... here I am updating XDD
XDDD HeheheCollapse )
Anyways, School is coming on June 8. I finally have my most wanted vacation for two weeks Yay!! I finally have my late summer! Late SUMMER TIME for me XDD Right now I feel that it's as if I have just finished a school year and I'm having a short vacation. XD And I was kinda hoping for some good NEWS but still none. -__- 
Oh If anyone here also like anime and manga, I just want you to know that Ouran Host Club is going to have a Dorama next season. Also Hana Kimi another season at that but it seems that they changed Horikita Maki with an AKB48 member. Too bad I kinda liked Maki. Also Don Quixote even though I don't know the story I know that it's good because it's mentioned when we studied Rizal's life. :D That's all. *sighs* Too bad none of these has something to do with NEWS. I'm kinda sad with the cast of Ouran I wanted more JE boys there. Even if it's other group I'd still watch it but noo It's not. Too bad. I'm disappointed I wanted Tego for the Mitskuni/Hunny role. :((
Minna Take care!
20th-Mar-2011 08:36 am - On my way home...
Tegoshi Skull
Kasi on my way home...
May nakita akong owner(yung lumang sasakyang parang jip)
tapos ang plate number nya ay DTF - 143 tpos sa tabi nya may jip na ang plate number ay WTF-???
Tapos sabi ko WTH with the WTF, DTF is a great song, I love it
Wala lang nakita ko lang haha
Tagal ko nang di nagpopost.
I'm still praying for Japan.
13th-Feb-2011 08:06 pm - Halellujah Chance!!!
Yamapi Move on
 <------- It seems that I can't move on.... haha

I'm still having a hangover over Pi's drama, Proposal Daisakusen.
It's really cute I really like Pi's character there. It really looks like that he will do everything just to make Rei happy.
They are a very cute couple. And the funny thing is Yamapi never stops running. There isn't one episode that he doesn't run (Wait!! *checks*). All right there may be 2 or 3 episode where he did not run but still... his effort is really amusing. I hope that there's a guy like him in the real world(even if he's not for me). That would be really cute. At some points I really hate Ken's character. Yes, I am sometimes mad at the protagonist of the story than the antagonist. Maybe because Tada-san is just too pure that I can't really hate him. I really respect him and I really admire his straightforward actions. He is just such a good man. I feel bad for him at times. 

Anyways the ending is a bit open-ended but the special cleared that up. Oh the special, the special was just to GREAT. I could watch it numerous time and I wouldn't get tired of it. 

This drama really is great. I really thank Yamapi for starring in such a drama. If he didn't I wouldn't have watched this. I definitely recommend this drama. It's really great. It get me the goosebumps sometimes. And at time, I just watch in front of the computer and shout "Bad trip. Nakakainis knaman Ken eh! Naunahan ka tuloy!!!" a rough translation is "Why do have to act so slow Ken. It make me angry!!!"

Anyways do watch the drama.
8th-Jan-2011 07:20 pm(no subject)
Yamapi Move on
 Just watched NEWS Nippon 0304
It was fun~~
It was a lot different for what I expected (and when I say a lot I mean a lot). I expected it to be so quiet. But it just wasn't. They're not really that much close yet. So I understand that they're a bit separate. The member you mostly see are Pi(Of course), Ryo, Uchi(I kinda like him to be back with NEWS after watching this), Kusano (My impression of hi improved. I always thought he was such a meanie!), Keii-chan, and Massu. So who do you think is left. Yes, Tego and Taka are left. I think Tegoshi is still a bit overwhelmed being with NEWS. I didn't really expect him to win the judo tournament. And Taka I think He had the least talk for the whole DVD.

I liked the way they cut the scenes when someone is talking. I also like the part where they ride the helicopter and Uchi sleeping while Koyama and Pi is so scared. And the pranks Kusano did to the other members. That was so CLASSIC! Pi and Uchi was so shocked. Massu was smart that time. I'm a little dissappointed that they didn't do it with Tegoshi. He would've been so shocked!!!
Well that's okay I had fun even if the song NEWS Nippon and Stand Up(English vers) is a bit overused. I would definitely recommend it
3rd-Jan-2011 07:32 pm(no subject)
Tegoshi Skull
Hi there~

Recently I've watched Tego's Movie Shissou Dead Run and it brought me into a state of deppression
Right now I'm really depressed. I need something to cheer me up. I don't get it why does he have to go through all those bad, no I mean HORRIBLE experiences. Some scenes brought me tears ( I know I know I' such a cry baby). I guess I didn't really expect her to be a good character :' ( Now I want something to cheer me up. I hope someone subs Tego's new Episodes in ItteQ. If I know how to speak Japanese I would have done it myself but NOOO I have to learn it first.

My plans for 2011
Learn Japanese as much as possible
Have internet with higher speed
Be able to go to Japan( This is impossible... For now)
Have more friends in LJ

and lastly(Even I know there's more wishes for myself)

Update my LJ at least once a week. *bitter smile*

Sorry if I seem am depressed. But I'll go watch something heartwarming to release my depressing mood
17th-Oct-2010 04:05 pm - NEWS!!!!
Tegoshi Skull
I want to introduce you guys to my Favorite Band.  NEWS!!!!

I'm not really the type who pairs boys out. I don't like romance between two boys. I also don't like people imagining they're idols sleeping with them and such. I'm the type who only wishes idols to be my friends if I ever see them

I will rank them from first to last(in my terms, this really hard for me...  but anyways)
I would like to post some pics if them but I still don't know how so sorry.

Tegoshi Yuya

I don't really know why he is my Favorite but I absolutely love him. I try to make it online every week so that I could check for updates of subbed videos or performances. I guess he's the reason I remained to be a News fan. If he wasn't a NEWS member, I would have been a huge fan of KATTUN, HSJ, or Arashi(my second favs... still unable to choose from them). I love his personality.
Read more...Collapse )
17th-Oct-2010 03:36 pm - First Post!!!! Introduction...
Tegoshi Skull
 Hey there everyone!!!(Yeah I know I don't have any friends yet So please add ME!!!! ^^) My username is MassTegoPi. As you can see, i'm a big fan of NEWS but I also like other JE bands like KATTUN, HSJ, TOKIO, Arashi, Kanjani and others. So if anyone of you want to talk about those bands you can Message or anything. Aside from that I'm also a JRock Fan. I like Gackt, L'Arc~ En~Ciel(sorry if wrong), Home Made Kazoku, and SID(visual-kei). I also love anime(So what I love Japan!!!). I've watched and read(a few) Special A, Ouran, DN Angel, La Corda, Detective Conan, Yu-Gi-Oh, Cooking Master Boy, VK, Tsubasa Chronicles, Fruits Basket, FMA, Maid-sama, Gakuen Alice, YamaNade, Naruto Shippuden, Yakitatte! Japan and Yumeiro Patissiere.  My ichiban in NEWS is Tegoshi! He is so cute and handsome!!! But I don't really like his hairstyle nowadays(sigh...). I hope he looses those loose perms. 
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